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2017 Home Plumbing Trends You Should Be Aware Of


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Technology is fast changing the world as it continues to seep in deeper and deeper into every industry. The best thing is that new technological improvements have shifted away from improving things only esthetically. Today’s technology focuses on making the world a better place, saving people money and helping people become efficient in their use of resources. Plumbing technologies are seeing this change as well. Today’s residential and commercial plumbing focuses on efficiency. Whether it’s your new automatic shower or the technology your plumber is using to fix the problems, efficiency and cost effectiveness remain the common factors among them all.

Here are some common plumbing trends to notice in 2017.

Trenchless Is Becoming Common

One of the biggest revolutions in plumbing industry is the innovation of trenchless technology. Conventional drainage repairs were a pain in the neck for plumbers and homeowners the same. For plumbers, they had to do a lot of digging, and it took them days upon days to complete their plumbing jobs. For homeowners, they conceded high costs of repairs due to all the digging. Commercial settings suffered even more as the digging process caused interruptions in their daily operations. Today, trenchless drain repairs have become common, and more and more people are going for this technology.

Using trenchless technology, plumbers can avoid digging and complete their tasks much faster, which saves time for customers and also reduces their overall costs of a plumbing repair. For commercial settings, interruptions are minimal or completely absent due to the non-invasive nature of trenchless repairs.

Plumbing Inspections with Cameras

In the past, workers had to spend a lot of time only to figure out where the problem existed. Drainage blockages were very difficult to locate. Today, plumbing companies use special cameras for inspecting the pipelines and locating the problem, which saves them a lot of time and also allows them to work exactly at the spot where the problem lies. Customers can see the live videos of the blockages in their drainage pipes, so they know the plumbers are not charging them for something they are not going to do.

Plumbing Fixtures Are Becoming Handsfree

This trend relates to in-home plumbing and has become popular in recent years. For years, the developed nations have been trying to find a way to prevent water wastage that takes place while washing hands or showering. These faucets will start running as soon as you move your hands closer to them. The sensor senses your hand, and the water starts streaming down. It stops as soon as you remove your hands, so there is no question of wasting water. Similarly, your shower starts running as soon as you stand underneath it and turns off when you move aside.
Another reason for the innovation of hands-free technology is hygiene. People do not want to touch the faucets or toilet lids because of how many germs they have on them at all times. They are now able to flush the toilet without ever having to touch a button.

Demand for Tankless Water Heater Rises

As mentioned earlier, the main focus of modern technology is to make things efficient and budget-friendly, which is what tankless water heaters are doing for residential homes and commercial buildings. People are fast moving to tankless water heaters because of how efficient they are and due to their durability. A tankless water heater can easily live for 20 years. During these 20 years, the water heater will continue to save money for you as it is much more efficient than conventional water heaters. Only the initial costs of getting a tankless water heater installed are a bit higher. The long term savings of using this technology can easily overshadow its upfront costs.
Standby heat losses were a common problem with old water heaters, but the tankless technology easily manages to overcome this particular issue. People are going to tankless water heaters also because they are much safer to operate. The efficiency of your unit, however, depends on the modern and make too. Always research and compare before purchasing the best and most efficient item.