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4 Common Reasons for Toilet Leaks and Why


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Toilet leakage problem is not just a simple inconvenience, the dripping water also adds up to the water bill. Usually, the issue can be fixed easily without spending large sums on repairs. However, locating the problem can take a significant time of the plumber.

Time is money when it comes to plumbing repairs. The quicker a problem is identified and repaired, the less will be the inconvenience and costs involved in the process. Here are 4 tips that can help you to quickly home-in on the possible cause of the toilet leaks.

  1. Condensation in the Tank

One of the possible causes of a toilet leak is water condensation on the outside of the toilet’s tank that drips on the floor. The problem is also referred to as tank sweating. Condensation occurs due to the different temperature inside and outside the tank. The temperature in the bathroom is usually steamy and warm, while the temperature inside the tank is normally cold.

The condensation can occur any time of the year but they are most often caused in the summer months. A professional plumber can address the problem by installing anti-sweat valves that mix warm and cold water into the tank to reduce the temperature variance.

  1. Leakage inside the Toilet Tank

After crossing out condensation as the possible cause of the toilet leak problem, you must next find out whether the tank itself is leaking. The plumber will check this problem by removing the tank lid and add food color to the tank.

A leak inside the tank is present if the colored water can be seen leaking from the toilet. Once the problem is identified the plumber can take steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Leakage between the Bowl and the Tank

Another probable reason for the water leakage is a leak between the bowl and the tank. Check whether any cracks are visible in the porcelain tank. Again, colored water can help in detecting any leaks in the tank area. The tinted water will highlight the leaks around the rubble seals and bolts between the bowl and the tank.  The leakage can also occur in the foam gasket where the water enters the tank.

These leaks are difficult to locate as the water leaks out from the tank in an area that is deep inside the tank. A professional plumber can easily detect the problem and take appropriate steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Leakage from the Refill Tube

In some cases, leakage develops in the refill tube off the fill valve. This is usually the case when the leak appears to be coming near the top at the backside of the tank. A professional plumber can locate the problem and take immediate action to address the problem.

Toilet leakage can silently eat away the money in your bank account through increased water bill. That is why it is necessary that you have this problem repaired as soon as possible. Regular plumbing maintenance can ensure that any leakage problem is located early and addressed promptly by the plumber.