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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Plumber When Opting for Trenchless Drain Repair


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Plumbing problems are quite the common problems in households. However, they also happen to be the most ignored ones. You might ignore that dripping faucet in your bathroom but not realize that it costs you hundreds of dollars at the end of the year and more wastage of drinkable water than you could fathom. It only makes sense to call a plumber as soon as you experience a plumbing issue in the house, but you have to avoid deciding in haste. To ensure you get the assistance of the right professionals, here are the five questions you must ask your plumbing company.

Do You Have the License?

The first sign of a professional plumbing company is that its workers are licensed to do their job, which means they have gone through the proper training and have proved their plumbing skills. When a plumber comes at your doorstep without a license, it means they are not ready for work. What if it is someone who has just started working and is not even sure how to fix your particular problem? Not only will such a person deliver a poor quality of work but they will also take much longer to complete a simple job. Keep in mind that the longer they work, the more money they will demand.
For a person who does not know much about plumbing, you will not be able to argue as to why they are charging you so much for such a simple job. To keep it simple, only hire the licensed professionals for plumbing.

Do You Have the Right Equipment

Trenchless drain repair is completely different from the conventional methods of repairing. These jobs require a different type of equipment. Only a company that specifically works with trenchless technology will have the right tools and equipment for performing trenchless repairs. The equipment used for this type of plumbing repairs is quite expensive. If your plumbers don’t have the right tools, they will end up digging holes in your backyard, lawn or driveway just like they do in conventional plumbing jobs. With the right tools, they will be able to resolve the problem with minimal to no digging. Not to mention, they will complete the job much faster.

Does Your Estimate Include Everything?

This question is the most important you must remember to ask from your plumbers. Good guys and bad guys are everywhere, and plumbing industry is no exception to that rule. It is always highly recommended that you obtain quotes and estimates from multiple plumbing companies before you decide to hire one. Doing this will give you an idea that one of them is not charging you excessively. If estimates from one of the companies are too good to be true, there must be a catch. You need to ask them in clear words if the estimate they have given you includes every nickel and dime for the work.

You don’t want them to tell you at the end of the job that certain parts of the job are not part of the estimate.

Do You Charge Flat Rates or Hourly?

The best thing about trenchless plumbing is the work finishes on time. Conventional plumbing works took days and weeks to complete. Often in the case of serious plumbing jobs, the homeowners had to find temporary rentals to live off their properties. You should not have to face this problem with trenchless repairs. However, some plumbers will still try to make money by charging you hourly for the job and then doing their work sloppily. The more time they spend working, the more you have to pay them. It’s best if you pick plumbers that charge a flat rate. If you prefer hourly rates, pick a reputable company with positive reviews from their customers.

Do You Have Warranties and Insurance?

You have to be on the safe side as a customer in every possible way. By asking about warranties and insurance, you are doing just that. Insurance is important if something wrong happens during the job and property damage occurs. Moreover, warranties are great when the problem your plumbers had just fixed comes up again within the next few days. Plumbers with warranties will ensure that their completed work will not fail and that you can rest assured that they will be back to fix the problem again without charging you anything if something happens.