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5 Reasons Why Trenchless Plumbing is the Ideal Plumbing Solution


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A well-functioning plumbing system will never give you problems such as water leakages, clogging, and pipe-breakage. But there are times when your houses’ plumbing may breakdown causing all sorts of problems. However, it is important to understand that excess water leakages can lead to complications such as mold growth, gas odor, insect infestation and several more.
So how can we really save ourselves and dispense all the trouble caused by a bad plumbing system? The antidote to this problem is “trenchless plumbing”

Trenchless plumbing; a brief introduction

This technology has been around since the early 2000s, but not a lot of homeowners were truly aware about the benefits of this cutting-edge plumbing methodology. Almost all houses have a standard sewage system in which there is one central sewer line and wastewater drainage pipes lead to it. No matter how tough and strong sewage lines are, they are prone to breakage, damages, an inevitable root infiltration or corrosion, if made of steel. Thus, having a trenchless plumbing system is very beneficial here.

How does it function?

As technical and difficult it may sound, the trenchless system is very basic and easy to install. It is actually a system comprised of sewer lines with the non-invasive installation method and maintenance. All your plumber has to do is dig small holes on the pipe. These holes have to be at the beginning and towards the end of the pipe. The best thing here is the fact that he will not have to excavate anything, leaving your house intact.

Trenchless system operates through a hydraulic pump, which is fixed at one end of the pipe. When the faulty pipe is in need of repair, it pulls a new pipe from pipe-liner or a pipe-burst attachment from the other end. The broken pipe is sealed by that liner.


Aside from saving yourself from digging to install new pipes, trenchless plumbing system takes considerably less time to be perfectly installed. This in turn means you will not have to pay a lot in labor costs. However the advantages do not end here. Mentioned below are 5 of the best reasons you should opt for a professional trenchless plumbing system:

They are cheaper

The initial cost of installing the trenchless plumbing system is higher than traditional methods, but they will prove to be much more economical in the long run, as you won’t have to pay a lot of money to repair conventional piping systems and whatnot. You will be spending money on digging, permits, landscaping and your entire beautiful patio can fall victim to trench digging. In trenchless system you don’t have to spend money on these factors. So, it boils down to one conclusion that, this system would be more cost-efficient for you in longer run.

Quicker & Easy

Yes, this is true. They are very quick to install and you don’t need to dig up the whole trench, which takes several days. A trenchless system can be installed in a day because all they need are small holes in order to access the entire section of the pipe.

Repairing & replacement is a breeze

If the system gets old, has small defects or is damaged by tree root intrusion or gets seriously clogged, it may need a replacement. But the whole process would be as quick as before, and most importantly the professionally will not have to dig a big hole on your land. It’s a real breeze because in trenchless plumbing a new pipe is inserted through pipe burst method. The pipe which is in need of replacement is removed by adding new pipe into the system. As the new pipe is dragged into the system, it pulverizes and replaces the faulty old pipe.

Tough as old boots

Just like your old boots, trenchless plumbing system will stand the test of time. They are made with a highly durable material known as HDPE, which stands for high-density polyethylene. Most companies in the US are so confident about their trenchless pipe system that they offer 25 years of warranty after installation or replacement.

It’s gentle on the environment

While not digging up a huge trench really saves the surrounding land, the real deal is that trenchless system is made of non-hazardous materials. This means that this system is actually environment-friendly.