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5 Signs That You Need to Call in a Plumber Right Away


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When you are living in a house you keep coming across electrical and plumbing related problems. Some of them you can fix with your own hands and commonly available tools. However, there are some problems that are best addressed by professionals. Furthermore, there are problems that seem so little that you would completely ignore them. As a result, you end up spending thousands of dollars for letting a small issue become big. When it comes to plumbing, here are the 5 signs that when you notice should call a plumber straight away.

1.     A Clog That Keeps Coming Back

Clogged pipelines and sewerage is a commonplace problem for many homeowners. Most of the time, you will just use your hands or the plunger to fix the problem. However, there are times when a certain clog keeps coming back. In many cases, it’s your clogged and overflowing toilet that keeps troubling you several times a month. In this scenario, you should act wisely and call a plumber straight away. This is an indication that there is something really wrong with your drainage pipelines. Maybe it is turning into a big blockade with time and put you in an emergency situation some day.

2.     You Keep Running Out of Water

If you notice that you are running out of water more often than usual, there is definitely something wrong with your pipelines. In most cases, one of your main pipes is leaking big time causing your tanks to empty faster than they normally would. This is a problem not to be ignored even for a day. Not only is it causing you to waste a lot of water but it is adding to your electricity bill as well. Your water is constantly draining out and your heater has to keep on heating new water. In fact, when you go to the bathroom, you don’t get any warm water from the faucets.

3.     Your Faucet Drip Is Unstoppable

Dripping faucet can be quite an unnoticeable problem for so many homeowners. What they don’t know is that this is one of the most serious problems affecting homes all over the world. You ignore a dripping faucet in your bathroom and end up paying for up to 500 gallons of wasted water after a year. If you worry about the environment and being friendly to this planet, you will never ignore a running faucet. Of course, you can try yourself to fix the problem first but if that does not solve the problem, don’t wait too long before you call the professionals for help.

4.     Your Basement or Entire House Feels Damp

This is another sign that there might be leakages in your pipelines underground or behind the walls. If you ever leave your house for a day and come back and open the door smelling of dampness, this is a big sign of a serious problem and does not have to be ignored. If the leakage in your pipelines has reached a point that you can feel the dampness while standing in the room, it can meddle with your electrical wire work as well.

5.     Water Is Taking Too Long to Drain

Sometimes the water does not stop draining but you notice that it is draining very slowly. A good way to notice this problem is to fill your bathtub and notice the time it takes for it to fully drain. If it takes longer than usual, there is definitely something clogging your drainage pipes. However, only the professionals have the right equipment and experience to find out where exactly the problem exists.

You have to keep in mind at all times that small problems today become big problems tomorrow. Ignoring them today will not solve them but worsen them over time. At the end, you will be spending more money out of pocket for the repairs, so it’s best to call professional plumbers in time.