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Why You Should Avoid Digging and Opt for Trenchless Plumbing Instead


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Plumbing problems don’t occur every day, but when they do they can cost you a lot of money. There are two major types of issues that take place with plumbing: external and internal. The external matters are pretty easy to fix e.g. replacing a leaking faucet. On the other hand, fixing internal plumbing issues such as repairing your damaged or clogged drainage lines can be quite a difficult task. The conventional pipelines and technology made matters worse as a lot of digging was required in the house to fix those issues. A better fix is in the shape of trenchless technology. Here’s why you should opt for trenchless plumbing.

You Can Say Goodbye to Digging

The biggest disadvantage of old plumbing technology is that it required a lot of digging. Depending on where the fault takes place with your pipelines, the workers could have to dig some of the most beautiful areas in your house such as your garden, patio etc. With trenchless plumbing and pipeline repairs, you don’t have to deal with all this digging. This is a sophisticated piece of technology where old pipelines are replaced and destroyed without any digging process. New pipelines are inserted in ingenious ways without requiring unnecessary excavation.

You Spend Less Money in the Long Run

Trenchless sewerage and plumbing repairs might sound expensive in the beginning but they save you a lot of money in other forms. Think about the costs that add into your expenses just because of the digging that comes with conventional methods of plumbing repairs. If your patio has been completely excavated by workers, there is no way they can put it back together flawlessly – in fact, it is not even their job. As a result, you will have to arrange for a patio construction company and pay them some more money to get your patio fixed again. How much money you end up spending depends on how much digging was done.

Your Time Is Saved

Wise people consider time to be more valuable than paper money, and of course it is. With the conventional methods of repairing underground pipelines, the excavation process can take a lot of time. In fact, it takes only a few minutes or a couple of hours to fix the exact issue. Rest of the time is taken only to dig the ground and reach the exact point where the damage has been done to the pipeline. With trenchless sewer and pipeline repair no time is wasted on digging. Using camera inspections the exact point of damage can be examined and then replacement can take place without excavation of the whole area.

It Is Safe for Workers

While time, money and disruption are issues that you have to deal on your side, there are some big challenges for workers with conventional ways of plumbing. In areas where steep excavation is required, landslides can be a major concern. Despite proper care and special equipment, landslides can take place where the mud is loose and is prone to subsiding. With trenchless technology, workers don’t have to deal with this major challenge. Keep in mind that the use of special equipment can add to your costs of having the pipelines fixed as well. You don’t have to worry about workers’ safety and the additional costs when you go for trenchless plumbing repairs.

Disruption to Business Is Minimal

Imagine how troubling and somewhat embarrassing it can be for you when your customers have to encounter excavated ground and piles of mud around your business with conventional repairs. If you are running a business like a restaurant, you might have to disconnect your services and close the restaurant for a few days until the repair takes place. With trenchless repair the disruption is minimal. You can keep your restaurant open while the repair work is in progress if you choose the trenchless repair method. Furthermore, if the excavation needs to be done on the road, it can cause a big interruption for the traffic as well. With trenchless repairs, you can keep away from all these problems.
There is no doubt that trenchless technology is the newer and more improved technology. It is the better choice for commercial as well as residential plumbing works.