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Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair in San Mateo

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Technology mimics nature and evolves with time to become better, more benefitting, less costly and convenient. If you are looking for professional help on pipe leakage beneath your property, you will be highly recommended to go for trenchless sewer repair in San Mateo. When you use latest technology, you are using better technology in most cases. However, as a wise consumer you have to know the benefits of using a certain tool or technology before you spend your money on it. In this particular case, you would want to know the benefits of trenchless sewer repair in San Mateo offers over traditional line repairs.

Here are the biggest benefits of picking trenchless sewer repair for your house:

1.     It’s Not That Messy

When you use the term “trenchless”, it already gives you a clear idea about the technology. With this type of repair, the workers do not have to dig tunnels in the grounds to fix the problem with your pipeline. All of their work can be done by just digging two small holes – each hole at either end of the pipeline that needs to be repaired. In short, you don’t get to see mountains of wet sand and soil in your lawn even when the work is underway using trenchless repair method.

2.     It’s Faster

Of course, most of the time spent in traditional sewer and pipe repair is dedicated to excavation. This can take a lot of time even if the problem is small. Furthermore, the modern tools and machinery that is used for trenchless repairs makes the job quick. Repairing done using the old method requires old equipment to be used too. These tools are slow and prolong the duration of the project. This brings us to the next important benefit of trenchless repairs – affordability.

3.     It’s Affordable

Since it requires less excavation to be done, trenchless sewer repair in San Mateo will cost you much less than traditional sewer repair. The professional who come to your house for repairing the pipeline have to do a lot of labor work in order to reach the area of concern in your pipeline. As you already know, you pay them for their labor. The more work they will have to do the more you will have to pay. Not to mention, if you want to get the job done quickly with traditional sewer repair method, you will have to call in more technicians. Once again, more technicians would mean higher costs.

In addition, you can save money through the cost-sharing program for damaged sewer laterals in San Mateo. If your sewer lateral is damaged, as a result breaking off your connection to the city sewer, and you need trenchless sewer repair, the city government will share the costs with you.

4.     It’s Property Friendly

If you did not know, traditional repairs can be a big enemy to your property. Ask any expert and you will find out that most of the leaks in underground pipelines are caused in the locations where you least want the issue to occur. For example, a leak in the pipe might be exactly under your driveway or the garage. Even if it is right below your lawn, the excavation will cause your entire lawn to be destroyed. Things can get worse if you have had the front of your house paved after an expensive patio job. With traditional repairs, you can say goodbye to the beauty of your house.

Even if they try their best, these technicians cannot bring your property back in the exact shape it was in before the excavation had started. However, there is a greater chance with trenchless sewer repair that your property will be brought back in its original shape due to minimally invasive nature of the job.

5.     It’s Eco-friendly

If you love animal and plant life, you would want the excavation that comes with traditional leakage repairs the least. All that excavation to find and repair the fault will destroy the plant and animal life that exists in your garden. Since trenchless repairs are least invasive in nature, you could stay away from the pain of destroying the ecology of your garden.

By now, you must have understood the benefits of using trenchless technology in detail. Furthermore, you will be glad you picked trenchless sewer technology should you ever come across pipeline leaks and problems in future. And when it comes to professional trenchless sewer repair in San Mateo, don’t forget to give us a call.