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The Biggest Factors That Could Cause Your Sump Pump to Fail


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Who would want their sump pump to fail after heavy rain? This has happened to many home-owners recently. Over the past few years, sump pumps have been one of the most common fixtures in our houses. Mostly, this is the case of lower-level areas of the country or heavy snowfall places. However, it is believed that “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. Here you’ll learn the main causes of your sump pump to fail and ways to prevent them.
Causes of Sump Pump Failure
There are higher chances of the sump pump of your house to fail if it is not installed properly or the pump is not of the correct size. Usually, in many cases, the small pump is also equally effective as the large one. When we compare the two, both of them almost have the same lifespan. The big one is forced to work harder. However, the small one is unable to pump out water properly as it is very small.
Energy Failure
One of the most common causes of a failure in your sump pump is a failure in the electrical power system. For this, it is better to employ a backup generator to avoid any issue. In case if you’re primary pump fails, a generator cannot help in this situation. However, if power is knocked out for some reason, the generator will be a lifesaver. The best thing would be to install an entrance surge protection device to protect the entire electric system.
Problems in the switch
The most important mechanical cause of sump pumps is a switch problem. This happens when your pump shifts from its position in the basin; this makes the float ineffective. The float is responsible for all the smooth operations of the switch. Moreover, your sumps pump needs both the switch as well as float arm mechanisms for effective operations.
Frozen or Blocked Discharge Lines
If water is not going through your discharge line, your system won’t work properly. It is vital to keep the pipe protected from freezing, dirt, and debris, etc. Keeping your discharge pipe protected will not let any animals and debris to let in.
A grated covering is a way to stop your lines from freezing or becoming obstructed by ice, or snow. It would be really helpful to attach a special grated discharge line in your house. The openings allow water to flow quickly.
All these problems can make your sump pump fail. However, you can avoid these problems via maintenance. Mechanical pieces of equipment can fail anywhere anytime. However, from your end, you should try your best to keep all the things perfect. There is no issue in the fact that proper maintenance will play a major role in keeping your sump pump in working condition. Therefore, you should follow all the rules mentioned above.