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What Causes Of Low Water Pressure?


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Water is extremely important for us in this day and age and we simply cannot live without it. However, there are times when we are faced with low water pressure and this can be highly frustrating and irritating. No matter what chore you have to complete that uses water, it will take all the more time to get done and this can cause a major hindrance. There are several causes of low water pressure that you need to look into if you are ever faced with the issue. Some of these causes are identified below:

1.     Blockage in plumbing

Galvanized pipes that are used in plumbing in the household can get inside it material deposits over time. This causes a water pressure drop. The solution to this problem is that you replace or clean the faulty sections of the pipe. You can hire a plumber to help you identify this problem and fix it immediately.

2.     Leakage

A leakage in your plumbing can be a major cause for low water pressure. The simplest way that you can detect leakages is to turn all your faucets or taps off and then check inlet water meter after a few hours go by. If there is an increase in your readings, then it is for certain that you may be incurring a leakage in your pipes.

3.     Faulty pressure regulator

You can hire a qualified plumber who can confirm to you whether your water pressure regulator is in a good functional condition or not. A major cause for low water pressure could be the bar regulator. In case you have an issue, then you will have to replace that part.

4.     Peak usage pressure loss

In most of the cases, the line that supplies water from the utility to the neighboring homes will also be supplying to you. In this case, if your time for peak usage is similar to the other people in your neighborhood, then you will likely experience low water pressure. Try changing usage times and you may notice a difference.

5.     Improve elevation of water source

The water pressure at say your kitchen faucet or bathroom sink will depend on head of water. This will be your water storage tank height compared to tap elevation. The higher the height is, the greater the water pressure will be in your faucet or tap. Therefore, the only solution to a problem with low water pressure in this regard will be to increase your storage tank height.

The only way you can solve the problem of low water pressure is if you manage to identify its root cause. When you know what the root cause is, you will be able to fix it easily and as soon as possible. It is best if you hire the services of a professional plumber in your area in this regard because they will be able to identify the problem more quickly for you and will also be able to solve it immediately.