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The Most Common Causes of Drainage Blockage


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Most homeowners often experience problems related to blocked drains. This problem can be time-consuming as well as expensive, if not fixed at the start. Here we’ll identify the most common causes of blocked drains and their preventive measures. In this way, you’ll be able to ensure your property remains in perfect condition and minimum costs incur.

Causes of Blocked Drains

The most common causes of blocked drains are:

Unknown objects

The problem of blocked drains occurs when foreign materials such as soap, hair, food, and fats build up between the drain-pipe and other pipes that flow at the bottom. In the beginning, the materials are in a small amount. With time, as the amount of objects increases, it stops water to flow freely. This eventually causes blockage in the drainage system. Usually, this problem is faced with toilets, when toilet paper and sanitary items have been flushed out.

Heavy storms and rain

After heavy rain or storms, drains present outdoors are blocked by the leaves, and dirt, etc. that cause the drains to block. Blockage of drainage systems is a common issue faced by people as they are not made to manage large volumes of water. Therefore, this may lead to flooding outside the property.

Damaged Pipes

Another major cause of blocked drains is a broken pipe. For water to flow freely, it needs a perfect pipe, or else it may collapse. The main reasons for this are the poor installation of pipes, and tree roots. Tree roots cause high damage underground and might be difficult to investigate where the blockage is. It can be very costly.

Pipe Installation

With increasing trends in ‘doing work on your own’ has created many problems. This is due to the poor installation of drainage pipes and inexperienced plumbing. Incorrect installation of any pipe can damage them. You must make sure you choose the best quality pipes to avoid regular plumbing issues. If you install pipes incorrectly, this might damage other parts of your property as well. This could be costly, in monetary terms.

Water flow problems

It is obvious that drainage is all about gravity. If you are inexperienced, you may make inadequate falls that will develop a regular build-up of dirt and debris leading to obstruction in your pipes. Therefore, make sure you install pipes correctly with adequate falls. This is not the only cause of blocked drains; there may be a variety of reasons leading to clogged drains.
Before a big problem arises, you will witness some warning signs. These may include gurgling sounds in flush, bad smell from drains, and water left in the sink. Some of these can be treated easily by using a plunger, but bigger problems cannot be solved so easily.


Looking at all these problems, it triggers in our minds that we should undergo regular checks to avoid costly problems. Therefore, make a practice of calling the plumber on a regular basis. This will incur some costs in the short run but will save you from bigger in the long run.