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Common Fall Plumbing Issues (And Why You Should Always Call in a Plumber to Deal with Them)


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Fall; a time of the year when leaves start to turn orange, the grass becomes redder and pumpkins spring up everywhere. It’s the year’s most festive and fashionable season. However, fall with its cool temperature gives a cold welcome to your home’s plumbing, which can lead to several complications if you don’t anything about it.

Fall also means upcoming holidays and everybody wants to have perfect, no stress holidays so it’s better to get your plumbing problems fixed. We will discuss some of the most common fall plumbing issues here, but first, we will shed some light on whether you should “Do It Yourself” or call in a certified professional?

DIY has seen a rise in recent years. With celebrity interior designers uploading videos on social media channels, juggling with plumbing issues while wearing their glamorous outfits gets you very excited to tackle these issues on your own. But the question is that aren’t they professional enough to deal with these issues? While you may be able to temporarily solve a dripping bathroom faucet, you have to realize that there may be several complications with your home’s piping systems.

Now is the time to ring the bells of professionals as only they are trained enough to track down the root cause of all the problems.

We will now go through some common fall problems associated with plumbing and why it is so important to rely on a professional plumber rather than risk further damage by attempting to repair everything yourself:

Pipes; Frozen & Burst

With the cold weather starting to hit hard, your pipes will begin to slightly freeze. It may seem like this occurs in winters only, but with the ever-changing climate, the temperature can drop anytime, and pipes can freeze anytime.

Pipes burst because the water in it freezes and then expands. This is when you call a professional to install a specific product, for example, a pipe sleeve. Through this, a professional plumber can insulate the pipe. They can also install a UL-listed heat tape or heat cable on the exposed pipes. If your pipes burst, you can imagine every disastrous outcome you can think of, the repair cost would also leave a huge dent in your wallet. Now, do you understand how important a professional plumbing is? Moving on…

Water Heater System Malfunction

With the changes in ground temperature, the incoming water temperature becomes much colder. A 25 degree drop in temperature occurs when cold water enters the hot water heater system.
The poor water heater has to work double its capacity because now it’s dealing with cold water, and not with lukewarm water. This mixture of hot and cold water is not only troubling to your teeth, but to the heater as well, as it has to constantly heat the water.

Chances of failure would increase because your heater is now functioning beyond its normal capacity. What to do? Well, the best thing you can do is call a professional plumber, let them check and inspect everything and ensure all the pipes are insulated properly. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

Blocked Drainage

If you notice that your sink seems to be throwing tantrums lately, check your yards. Those beautiful orange leaves can be the biggest culprits here. This is primarily because a lot of leaves fall and accumulate in one location during the season. They can easily be blown into your drainage system and block everything. Winds, rain and sometimes even traffic are the factors which play a big part in pushing those leaves in your drainage system.

Fortunately, this problem can also be dealt easily by a professional plumber. Let them have a thorough check on the system. They might replace your drain cover so that this problem does not reoccur. Many covers are manufactured to fit a particular drain; hence it’s crucial to get them properly measured and fitted by a professional only.

We really hope that you understand the importance of a professional plumber. Save yourself from all the drama of “trial & fix error” and hire a professional plumber. It costs more money to fix the damage caused inadequately than with a professional expert. They have insight, deep knowledge and troubleshooting plans to tackle all plumbing related problems.