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Common Misconceptions about Trenchless Sewer Repair Debunked


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Trenchless sewers have become the new and prevalent technology in present times because of the many benefits they offer. When compared with traditional sewers, you could easily pick trenchless sewers as the better option. Now, there are some great programs available for sewer repairs in San Mateo so having lateral sewer repairs should be no hassle for the residents of this area.

With the Private Sewer Lateral Cost Sharing Program, citizens of San Mateo will be able to have these repairs done by paying only half of the cost. However, do you really have to waste this saved money on traditional sewer repairs? Of course, you don’t have to when you opt for trenchless sewer repairs.

So, as prepare to get more information about the cost sharing program and become a part of it, here are some common misconceptions about trenchless repairs that need to be cleared:

They Are Still Expensive

Some people like to stick with traditions and thus they will go to any extent to prove innovations wrong. If someone has made you believe that trenchless repairs in San Mateo will cost you more than traditional repairs, you can use your common sense and come out of that spell. Think about it, traditional sewer repairs require your entire lawn, garage or anything that lies over the pipelines to be excavated.

Since it requires so much digging, the labor costs sharply increase by the time installation is done completely. On the other hand, trenchless repairs require only two small holes to be dug. At times, no digging is required with these repairs. Thus, the costs cannot be higher for trenchless repairs.

They Are Not Durable

Trenchless technology is greatly reliable. The process looks simple but the pipes installed using these techniques are extremely durable. The soil conditions underneath the ground and the environment are not as disastrous on these pipes as they are on traditional sewerage lines. Once your plumbing professionals have done installing these pipes for you, they can give you a warranty of up to 50 years without any hesitation. This gives you the peace of mind that you will not have to worry about any repairing costs for not only years but decades.

They Are Not Safe

Trenchless sewer repairs are the safest jobs not only for the workers on site but homeowners too. Asbestos and mold exposure is one of the most common issues that workers face when they are digging deep trenches in the ground to fix the old pipelines. The gases and chemicals found underground can be extremely dangerous for the workers.

On the other hand, workers never have to encounter such problems when they are doing trenchless repairs. This gives you, as the homeowner, the peace of mind that these hard-working laborers are not in danger just because of you. Most of the pipe fixes with trenchless repair technology can be done without ever going into heavy excavation and digging.

They Are Not Reliable

The whole digging and excavation process, which is required for traditional sewer repairs, can give homeowners the wrong impression that they are more reliable than trenchless repairs. Of course, with all that excavation it seems the workers have gotten a closer look at the problem before fixing it, but this is not the case at all.

First, they don’t always dig those huge holes for big problems. In fact, they can end up discovering that the problem was small and the digging was not needed at all. Secondly, it shows that this method is less efficient and intelligent. With trenchless repairs, inspection through camera proves to be a crucial technique.

With the Private Sewer Lateral Cost Sharing Program, citizens of San Mateo will be able to have these repairs done by paying only half of the cost.

Once the problem has been diagnosed, small holes in the ground can be used to fix the problem. You will also be glad to know that a camera inspection is not just for workers but for you as well. You are given a recording of the camera to see what the problem is and how big it is. You are also provided documents stating the nature and location of the problem.

Now that you know the truth about trenchless repairs and the many benefits of these techniques, give us a call to get your trenchless sewer repair in San Mateo done professionally and diligently.