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Having Trouble With Blocked Drains? Bullseye Plumbing Has the Solution!


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Clogged drains start out as a minor inconvenience, but can quickly escalate into a very large and frustrating, (not to mention very expensive!) major home owner issue! What starts out as a small clog can lead to burst pipes. What begins as a bit of standing water in clogged drains can become mold, bacteria and germs, leading to harmful health hazards for your family. What someone may think is an intense clog can actually lead to a much larger structural hazard at your house. These are just some reasons why an issue like a blocked drain needs to be solved immediately.

The experienced technicians at Bullseye Plumbing can quickly assess the cause of the issue and work to repair the problem. Whether it’s unclogging a blockage, repairing a pipe, replacing a fixture, or changing your entire plumbing system, our experts have got you covered and will work as fast and as thoroughly as possible!

Common Plumbing Issues

But how do clogged drains become clogged? Every home or building has drains leading from sinks, showers and toilets, leading to stormwater pipes or sewer pipes.  Waste material and wastewater is carried in these pipes. But often, the drain or sewer pipe is blocked by other debris or wastes. Clogging is caused by a number of reasons including:

  • Food debris
  • Oil and Grease
  • Non-Flushable Wipes
  • Non-Degradable Sanitary Products
  • Bandaids
  • Animal Waste
  • Cottonballs
  • Soap & Shower Wash Residue
  • Makeup and Beauty Products
  • Hard Water Deposits

Major Places of Drainage Issues

Bullseye Plumbing has seen and repaired countless drainage issues. Some of the main problems we encounter with our clients include clogged/blocked:

Toilets/Urinals: Toilets are flushed anywhere from tens to hundreds of times per day depending on the type of building use. They are often clogged from accidental flushings of things that shouldn’t have been flushed. Baby wipes are not flushable but are often flushed, and have become a leading cause of clogs. Other things that do not disintegrate in water, like paper towels or sanitary products, or excessive toilet paper become major clogs. These clogs can lead to overflowing toilets, bathroom floods, leaks through ceilings and structural damage.

Kitchen sinks: Clogged kitchen sinks are one of the most common problems homeowner face. The gunk and leftover food and food debris is easily rather created thanks to excessive use and can cause build-up in the pipes. Kitchen drains are also known to be clogged from foreign objects that accidentally end up in the sink, such as utensils and other items that get washed down by accident.

Floor drains: Floors that have drains (think commercial or manufacture or restaurant kitchen floors) get clogged with all sorts of , whether food or garbage or dirt that ends up on the floor. Clogs in floor drains can back up and cause flooding and overflow issues.

Slop Sinks/Basins: Slop sinks and basins in homes are used for messy projects such as cleaning paint brushes or for laundry purposes. So it is no surprise that issues with the blocked basins are messier, with dirtier water waste, and greasier clogs. The build-ups in the pipes from these types of sinks can cause major pipe backup.

Shower/tub drains: Shower and tub drains are notorious for difficult clogs. The most common culprits for shower drainage issues are hair clogs as well as soap product residue build up.

Laundry: When you think plumbing issues you may not think laundry, but it is a leading cause!  Washers use soap that can leave a residue that clogs, and also creates a waste from oily laundry.

Storm water and Roof Drains: Storm water and roof drains are located outside of the home, but can cause damage to your whole house and property! Gutters, and pipes that direct water away from your house and yard become clogged with debris such as leaves, sticks, rocks, grass, and more, causing it to clog during rain events.

Tree Roots: Tree roots are also a leading culprit of drainage problems to a property owner! Roots can grow into a pipe, clogging and bursting them.

At Bullseye Plumbing, we can handle any blocked drain project no matter the difficulty. From unclogging a shower drain to installing a new water sewer drainage system, we have the trained staff with the skill and expertise to have your plumbing issue fixed fast and efficiently.

Our Plumbing Services include installations, repair, maintenance, and preventative inspections. Some of the many services we offer include:

  • Trenchless Sewer Repair
  • Rooter Services
  • Drains and Sewer Pipes
  • Sump Pumps
  • Toilet Repair
  • Water Heaters
  • Gas Lines and Water Pipes
  • Fixture Installations

Innovative Methods and Tools We Use to Solve Your Drainage Problems

  • Trenchless Sewer Repair. The traditional way of dealing with a drainage problem was to dig a deep trench and take out the pipes. This tore up people’s lawns and driveways, uprooted trees and destroyed trees and landscaping, and disrupted people’s lives for weeks, not to mention the lengthy repair times and costs associated!  Trenchless Sewer Repair uses advanced techniques to restore your water or sewer pipes while keeping your yard intact – No digging!
  • Video Camera Inspection. The first step of Trenchless Sewer Repair is to use our fiber-optic cameras! The very small and powerful camera is located on a wire. It is snaked through your pipe or sewer line. The camera is equipped with transmitters which record the whole process, so it can locate areas of issue or damaged pipes. They can pinpoint the exact location of the clog or issue without any digging. And the plumber can review with you the best method to unclog the issue. You can get a free sewer diagnostic inspection from Bullseye Plumbing!
  • Pipe Relining. Did you know you may not have to replace your pipe, but instead, can just reline it?! Relining the inside of a pipe created a new shell that is fully functional and stronger than your old pipe!
  • High Pressure Unclogging. Our hot water jets can remove heavy grease, sand, gravel, sludge or roots with high pressure hot water.
  • Electric Eel. Our electric eel method of unclogging your drain involves inserting a long metal cable with a rotating head to break the clog.
  • Rootx treatment: Rootx treatment uses a foamy herbicide to prevent tree roots from destroying your drains.

Contact Bullseye Plumbing for all your Plumbing Needs!

If you are having problems with blocked drains, you can trust Bullseye Plumbing to provide you with fast and efficient plumbing services! Our team members will come to your home or business and solve your drainage issue! We proudly service Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Municipal buildings for any plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs in the Redwood City and San Mateo, California and greater San Francisco area.  For all your drain and sewer clearing and repair needs, call Bullseye Plumbing today at (650) 515-6607 and ask how we can help! Or if it’s a non-emergency, send us an email or book online.