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The Marks of Professional Plumbing


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Problems associated with plumbing systems could cost a lot when it boils down to water damage. For small drips, one can do the work themselves and save on the costs. However, beyond the normal leaks and clogs, one needs a pro and that’s when professional plumbing services come in.

One therefore needs to know the exact marks of a professional plumbing service which constitutes the real factors to consider while hiring such services.

To avoid complications and uncertainties during acquisition of plumbing services, most people opt to establishing prior relationships with plumbers. This is done by getting such plumbers do some non-emergency repairs on your system during which thorough supervision should be the main aim. This helps know the potential of the plumber and creates the sense of reliability since such people will easily respond to emergencies as compared to strangers.

For those who cannot take the long route of building relationships, proper selection during the hiring process still remains imperative. One therefore should consider the following before hiring plumbing services:

Proof of licensing

Plumbing is a highly technical service and, most countries have devised a method whereby all plumbers require certification and documentation. Each license therefore has verification attributes that vouch for its validity and ways to ascertain that no complaints are currently levied against it.

Insurance coverage

Professional plumbers should by the requirement of the law have insurance cover. This cover is directly linked to their licenses since it’s a requirement during licensing. During the selection, ensure the plumber has a working workers’ compensation policy.

Referrals and Yelp

Friends or neighbors must have at one point dealt with one or even more plumbers. They know who to avoid and who to seek help from.

Information from such people would be very effective in getting the right plumbing services to hire. Of importance still are the real estate agents and some remodeling contractors who may as well beware of reliable plumbers since at one point or another they must have dealt with them either at a personal or professional level.


The prices you are charged by the plumber for their services should be reasonable and should really fit in with you budget. To prove why they charge whatever prices they claim to charge, the plumbers should always provide you with clear quotations showing the details of the costs of the work they are to do. This should however not be the main factor to be considered since quality work on your system should never be compromised due to the attempts to cut down costs.


Services offered by all prospective plumbers should be put into consideration. One should go for the plumber or plumbing company that seems to offer the exact service they need. This is due to the fact that just like any other professions, those in the plumbing field have varied specifications and one should only choose that which suits them most. This should be done regardless of prices charged.


As a requirement, months or even years of training and apprenticeship are essential for one to become a plumber. All effective professional plumbers are normally expected to have gone through proper training. Your plumber should therefore have gone through legitimate training programs and this should be proven by way of documentation before they are selected for the job.

Our company, Bullseye Plumbing, located at the Bay Area in California is one whose operations and ownership is firmly in the hands of local plumbing experts. It offers professional plumbing services and is fully committed to recruiting highly trained, qualified and experienced plumbers who receive their payment based on the number of hours they work and not by amount of work done. This ensures they don’t rush over your work, which is great news to every home owner out there.