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Why You Need a Plumbing Checkup before winter


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It’s common for people to dig out winter clothes from the closet when it starts to get a little chilly outside. In the same way, it is essential you take special measures to conduct plumbing checkups. Here are a couple of reasons why you need to conduct plumbing checkups before winter:

Bursting Pipes

Do you plan on going away during the winter holidays? Well, ensure the pipes are in good condition. The drop in temperatures can cause the pipes to burst, causing water to leak inside your home, damaging the walls and flooring.  Standing water can result in ice blockage when it is cold outside. This blockage can result in increased water pressure, resulting in water leaks or pipe breakdowns. The good news is that conducting a quick plumbing checkup before winter will eliminate the possibilities of such accidents, allowing you and your family to enjoy the holiday season without worrying about any mishaps.

Reach out to a professional plumbing service that can identify these problems and install the right valves to prevent the pipes from bursting. For added safety measures, ensure you disconnect all of the water hoses before the temperatures falls below zero. This can potentially save you from the trouble of dealing with a flooded basement.

Broken or Malfunctioning Water Heaters

Nobody wants to step into an icy cold shower when it’s already cold outside. Warm water not only offers comfort during the winter season, but provides you the opportunity to de-stress and unwind after a long day. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy these amenities if the water heater is broken or isn’t working properly. Ensure the water heater is working fine before the winter season kicks in. This will save you from the trouble of going without hot water when it’s freezing outside.

Water Leaks

Sure, winters are great, but the drop in temperatures combined with poor insulation can cause pipes to leak, especially the ones located outdoors. Double check your plumbing before the weather gets too cold outside as this can lead to a number of problems. If the insulation looks worn down, you may have to ask the plumber to replace the pipes. As for outdoor pipes, clear out all the water and shut down the valves just to be safe.

Prevents Potential Plumbing Issues

Conducting a quick plumbing checkup will help identify potential problems that could jeopardize your holidays. Ensure all the plumbing systems are properly winterized to reduce the chances of pipe freezing and cracking. It is essential you hire a professional plumber to get the job done for you to ensure a peace of mind. A plumber has prior knowledge and expertise that could help point out potential issues that could ruin your winter season.

Clogged Drains

You’ll probably have all of your friends and family over for dinner during the holidays. This ultimately means that you’ll be spending more time in the kitchen, preparing food and working with greasy ingredients. This could lead to the accumulation of grease and other food particles down your kitchen sink, resulting in clogged pipes. Now, that is a problem you certainly would want to avoid during the holidays. Fortunately, conducting a quick and hassle-free plumbing checkup before winter can put all of your problems to rest. Ask the plumber to check the drainage and ensure the pipes aren’t clogged. Furthermore, avoid throwing fibrous foods down your kitchen’s garbage disposal. You’ll be surprised by how doing so can save you from worrying about a clogged drain.

Poor Heating

The furnace remains inactive throughout the summers, which means it might suffer an unusual strain during the winter season. So, with the furnace switched off, you won’t be able to check for repairs or malfunctions, which could eventually lead to unexpected breakdowns in the most inconvenient times. This is why you should conduct a quick checkup before winter kicks in to ensure the furnace is working properly. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, call up a professional to inspect the furnace and other pipes properly.

Call a professional plumbing service to identify and prevent the above mentioned problems before the winter season. Good luck!