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Preparing For An El Niño, Will It Affect My Plumbing And Sewer?


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Yes, the news is absolutely correct! We are heading towards El Nino and Northern California and Bay Area are expected to be affected by significant rainfall, even in the areas where a lot of rainfall typically does not happen. And with so much rainfall, you are bound to be affected with blocked sewerage systems, pipes, and drain lines. Therefore, before the rains, it is wise to get a thorough plumbing inspection done so that any defects or partial blockages can be detected early on and fixed before your pipes get blocked completely. Here are a few things that you should get done immediately:

1.     Clean the gutters

Before the rain comes along, you need to keep in mind that your downspouts and gutters are all cleaned up. This is because if any obstructions are left behind, then these obstructions can cause huge issues for you. Your downspouts and gutters are meant to deter any water away from the house. However, as time passes, debris and dirt can collect in these and this can create a huge mess in your overall gutter function. Inspect these downspouts and gutters firsthand and make any required repairs as soon as possible.

2.     Check for any leaks

Considering that this is perhaps going to be the rainiest winter you have ever witnessed, you would not want a leaky roof or drainage pipes. Therefore, give an immediate call to your plumber so that they can have a look at all your pipes and fix them in case they have any weak spots on them. Additionally, you need to be sure that your pipes are free from any debris and in perfect condition so that water can correctly enter your gutters.


3.     Check for poor drainage systems

When there is heavy rainfall, even the best drainage systems can be overwhelmed and lead to flooding. Such flooding can take place in garages or even basements. For this reason, you should have your drainage system properly inspected and make sure that it is in great condition. Additionally, consider getting a sump pump installed in case you do not already have one.

Any slow or blocked drains can cause a huge problem for you and stinky smells can arise especially in the showers and sinks. You would not want to have such problems up your sleeve, especially when it is too late and heavy rainfalls approach. It is best to save your home from unnecessary troubles and get these done before time. Speaking of time, while the weather is slowly changing, you still have plenty of time to get this done. However, the sooner you do this, the better it will be for you.