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How a Professional Plumber Can Help You Reduce Your Water Bill


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The plumbing system of your house handles several gallons of water over time. With more and more families switching to eco-friendly solutions, people are increasingly looking for ways to save or conserve water to save up water bills. One of the simplest ways to do so is to hire an experienced plumber that can upgrade your current system. Installing new water saving plumbing fixtures can also be a great way to cut down costs in the long run. Here are a few ways that outline how a professional plumber can help reduce your water bill:

Installing New Bathroom Fixtures

Old and inefficient bathroom fixtures such as shower heads, taps and faucets waste water on a regular basis. By contacting a professional plumbing service, you can have new fixtures installed that use relatively less water. Rest assured, these new fixtures will offer the same coverage and level of comfort.

Most stand shower heads typically uses 9.5 liters of water per minute. This means that you could be wasting about 95 liters of water if your shower lasts for 10 minutes. Fortunately, you can have a plumber install a new kind of water-saving shower head that can bring down the numbers to 7.6 liters per minute. Not only will this allow you to save more water, but you’ll also be able to cut down your water bills.

You can also consider having a luxurious rainfall shower head that is not only more pleasant to use, but will allow you to save water. These fixtures offer soothing coverage because of their wide diameter; mimicking the gentle movement of raindrops.

Repair Leaks

Pipe leaks often go unnoticed and can waste large amounts of water, especially if they are not repaired for a long period of time. Save yourself the trouble and hire the services of a professional plumber. The plumber will effectively repair all the leaks so that you no longer have to worry about expensive water bills.

It’s also worth mentioning that leaky fixtures and broken pipes can damage the walls and floorings of your beautiful home, potentially costing you several thousands of dollars in replacements and repairs.  This is why you must be proactive when it comes to plumbing and hire a professional to conduct regular inspections so that you can reduce water bills and cost of other kinds of damage.

However, some leaks are not as easy to identify as in some cases, a cracked pipe or loose valve can lead to condensation buildup in a particular spot. This can lead to the growth of odor-causing mold and bacteria in unusual places. Reach out to a professional plumber that can help you can save money on water bills and other costly repairs.

Alter Bathroom Trends

A few years ago, bathroom trends called for more luxurious tubs and sinks. While this would evoke the feeling of extravagance, it contributed to the wastage of tons of water. Larger tubs obviously use up more water, resulting in costly bills. Fortunately, by redesigning your bathroom, you can make do with a smaller tub that uses a relatively less amount of water.

Best of all, you can utilize the extra space for added storage or create an impressive focal point. Consider evaluating the size of your bathroom sink too to see if it requires any additional modifications. You may ask the plumber to install a smaller vessel or sink as that too would help you save more water. Ensure the sink uses aerated faucets to prevent leaks and cut down on water loss.

Install Aerators

Installing aerators can cut down water flow without compromising on performance. Have a professional plumber to install aerators so that it filters water into multiple streams. This improves water pressure without sacrificing on your comfort. To cut down costs, you can have a plumber install low-flow aerators to the existing plumbing fixtures as a comparatively cheaper way to cut down water consumption.

Talk to your plumber about the above-mentioned suggestions if you’re determined to reduce water bills. Ensure you reach out to a qualified professional who knows what they are doing.