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Sewer Inspection for an Old Home – Why Trenchless Plumbing Is the Way to Go

Sewer Inspection

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If you are living in or buying an old house, you might want to familiarize yourself with various plumbing related issues with old houses. There is no doubt that old houses are made from materials that are quite expensive today. The detail in their architecture is another factor that attracts many people. However, some materials stand no chance against the tyranny of time. You will almost always come across various plumbing related problems when buying such homes. Here are some common plumbing issue you can expect in old developments:

Common Plumbing Problems in Old Houses

Galvanizing and Disintegrating Lines

As time passes, minerals in water and soil, and some other elements cause damage to your water and sewer lines. If your house is more than 50 years old, you are likely to see galvanized pipelines. Changing a few leaking pipes will not make any significant difference in the entire network of pipelines running through the house. Corrosion over the years also causes rust to accumulate in the pipes, causing blockages. The problem is even worse in areas with hard water – the high mineral content of water galvanizes the pipes faster.

Damaged Sewer Lines

You could be getting a house that has remained abandoned for years. This means the trees in and around the house would have grown unhindered. The overgrown roots can easily burst the old pipelines. If your sewer lines are made from cast iron, they are still not safe from corrosion. Clay pipes offer little to no protection against constantly meddling tree roots. Tarpaper pipes are not very durable either, and can break very easily.

Hard to Detect Leaks

Leaks can be very hard to detect in old homes. It is hard to find out if the leakage in your pantry closet is coming from the melted ice or the bathroom on the first floor. You can try to find the problem yourself, but you will have to do a lot of plaster removing. If the leaked water is coming from your bathroom, not only will it be gross, but a cause of various health related problems in the house as well.

Expiring Plumbing Fixtures

The way old fixtures retain the essence of an old building, they tempt you to not make any changes or repairs. However, these old fixtures can be a problem too. Old faucets, shower knobs, bathtubs, etc. go through wear and tear too. Corrosion is pretty common in old fixtures. The biggest problem is that they have not been designed to conserve water. It is therefore highly recommended that you change these fixtures as soon as possible.

The Bigger Problem

The biggest problem when it comes to fixing issues with old pipelines and sewerage is the cost and work. Plumbers have to dig huge holes to replace your old pipes with new ones. Sometimes they have to dig several holes just to spot the exact location of the problem. The cost of this extra work may be daunting. Not to mention, all the excavation performed by the plumbers will ruin your beautiful lawn, driveway or wherever they have to fix the problem. To make it worse, you will then have to spend more money to get rid of the muddy mess and fix the excavation points.

The Trenchless Solution to the Problem

The best solution to this problem is to pick trenchless sewer repair and installation. Trenchless is cutting-edge plumbing technology making jobs much easier and saving you tons of money. The main advantage of this type of repair is that there is little to no excavation required for trenchless repairs. A small hole made in the ground helps plumbers access and get rid of the old damaged pipe and install a new one. The process is much faster so its saves you and the company a lot of time. With minimal excavation, you won’t have to worry about having your lawn destroyed.
Even if the plumbing problem in your house is serious, you will never have to move out of the house during the repair work. Trenchless repair is the advanced method of repairing pipelines that saves you time and money – the most important reasons for picking this solution over conventional repairs.