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Tank vs Tankless Water heaters


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The size difference alone might be all it takes to convince you to upgrade.

What are the pros and cons of Tank and Tank less water heaters and which one is right for you.

Lets start with the Tank water heater. The pros of having a tank water heater is the upfront cost. A tank water heater will cost you less money when you purchase the unit. Next is the installation, installation of a tank water heater is less complicated than a tankless one. Lastly is security. If living in areas that are prone to catastrophic events or natural disasters like say an earthquake, you will always have some drinking water stored in the tank. With that being said what are the cons? Well, of course the price to keep water in the tanks heated. Whether you are using water or not the water will still be heated. The tank itself also takes up space. Depending on your household size that could be an issue.  And finally, with a tank water heater, you can actually run out of hot water.

Now lets explore the pros of a tankless water heater. The main pro is efficiency. With a tankless hot water heater, you will only run hot water when needed which is where the money is saved. Your hot water is endless and temperature of the hot water is accurately controllable. The tankless also takes up a lot less space then the big tank water heaters. With all it’s pros there will be some cons. First is the cost of the units being dramatically more expensive. Then we have the installation of the heater. It is a lot more complicated and if not done right, it may take up to 15 minutes to receive you hot water. Lastly is the maintenance to keep a tankless water heater. They have to be serviced once a year to remove buildup.

Both Tank and Tankless water heater have their fair shares of pros and cons, so when replacing your old water heater, make a decision on which pros out way the cons and what type of water heater you want to be supplying the hot water in your home.