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The Telltale Signs That Your Drainage Lines Are Blocked


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A clogged drain can be a severe problem that is considered as a plumbing emergency and a major health problem. As the water does not get any place to move, it will reverse back to the plumbing system in your house. Whenever such an issue is diagnosed, try not to use any of the plumbing until the obstruction is cleared. Moreover, you must make sure that you should immediately solve this problem to avoid major issues afterward. Let’s have a look at some of the signs that are evident if your drainage system is blocked:


Some major symptoms of a blocked drain could be the slow flowing of water in your bath, shower, toilet, and sinks. It is dependent on the amount of blockage. If the blockage is very deep, water won’t drain away at all. In this case, there is an issue in the sewer drain. However, if the water is draining slowly, then there is an issue in the fixture itself.
Usually, the toilet is the main driver for any blockages. If the water in the shower rises when you flush, or vice versa, then surely your drain is badly blocked. Similarly, if water appliances cause water to appear anywhere else, then this is a major problem. Moreover, you should make sure that you check all the external drains are perfectly working. In case, if there is a blockage the water will rise from here as well.


This is the problem that is faced by many households. Therefore, if you witness your fixtures and pipes making a different sound than usual, it is a signal of a blockage. The most common warning sounds that most witnesses are the gurgling noise from the drains, toilet flushes, and plug holes, etc. Normally, this sound is created when the trapped air in the pipes is transferred up to the system.


This is the most unpleasant symptom of a blockage in your drainage system. You would regularly experience foul smells in such cases. This is because something has stuck in the drain and has begun to rot, which would create a horrible smell. You will certainly get to know about it.
This unbearable smell may start to come way before any symptoms emerge. This means that you will get to know before time if anything big is about to happen. However, if you start catching signs that something is wrong, it’s better not to ignore.


If you are going through any of these symptoms of obstruction in your drainage system, you must take immediate action. It is not too much to worry about if you witness one of this, however, if you notice two or three of them, then you are in an alarming situation. Moreover, if you want to solve this issue the best way is to open the cap of the sewer line. This can only be done if the line is accessible to you.