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Trenchless Sewer Repair: Why It’s Important to Select an Experienced Plumber


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Trenchless sewer repair entails repairing sewer lines without any excavations. Nobody likes to see huge section of their driveways, lawn, and streets excavated and exposed during the repair process. With trenchless sewer repair in Belmont and Burlingame cities in San Mateo, individuals can have their sewer line repaired quickly and without much of a hassle as compared to the traditional repair process.

While trenchless repair is the right option when it comes to sewer repairs in Belmont and Burlingame, the process is not without risks. It’s important to have the right and experienced plumber who knows how to use the tools properly to perform trenchless sewer repairs. Handing the task to inexperienced plumbers can result in double the cost of repairs.

The Importance of Selecting Experienced Plumbers for Trenchless Repair

The fact is that the trenchless repair method is not totally without risks. Inexperienced plumbers do not know the correct procedure to perform the repairs. If the procedure is not performed correctly, various complications can occur for the homeowners.

One complication arises when the epoxy pipe relining is not applied properly when repairing the pipe. Improper application of the epoxy can result in breaks and blockages due to which the repair has to be performed again.

Another risk of handing the trenchless repair job to inexperienced plumbers is that they might not properly diagnose the problem. Due to incorrect diagnosis, there is a risk that they may needlessly replace the pipe that is functioning correctly. This can easily double up the cost of the sewer repairs.

The importance of handing over the task of trenchless sewer line repairs cannot be emphasized enough. Make sure that the plumber has years of experience servicing sewer lines using the procedure.

Avoid hiring inexperienced plumbers even if they offer very low costs for the repairs. Handing the task to inexperienced persons can result in great losses relating to the repairs.


At the end of the day, trenchless sewer repair in Belmont and Burlingame cities in San Mateo can be cost effective and convenient as compared to the traditional sewer repair. Trenchless repair involves much fewer excavations to repair the damaged sewer pipes.

Specialized pieces of equipment are used to locate problems and then drill holes. Generally, the plumbers drill only two holes through which cables are pulled and the old, defective pipe is smashed into bits and replaced with a new pipe.

It’s essential to hand over the trenchless repair job to an experienced plumber in Belmont and Burlingame. A professional can expertly carry out the repairs resulting in great cost savings for the homeowners.