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Why Trenchless Sewer Repair Is Ideal for Winter


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Winter is here, Christmas has come and gone, families are gathering, the atmosphere is electrifying, and the last thing you want during all this is clogged sewerage. When you have guests at home and you are planning a perfect holiday season, you want to make sure to keep any plumbing related issues in check. While these issues are already very annoying, they even more frustrating when you have guests at home and the usage of water in the kitchen and toilet is at its peak.

But is there a way you could make things even worse? Yes, by choosing to have your sewerage issues fixed using the old and traditional ways.

What Is Wrong with Traditional Sewer Repairs?

There isn’t anything wrong with the traditional repairs per se. The real problem is that they don’t fit into the modern lifestyles. Furthermore, with the several benefits of trenchless sewer repair technology over traditional, there is no reason why you should not go with the modern ways. Here’s the problem you will face when going for a traditional sewer repair job. The workers will come to your house, use their old methods to try to spot the problem (which takes a lot of time), and once they have spotted the problem, they start digging.

Now, imagine how frustrating it will be for your guests when they are at your house to have fun and there are plumbers walking all around the house. It gets more out of hand when the digging and excavation starts. There is a lot of digging involved in the process—sometimes you can expect the workers to dig for multiple days before they can even reach the exact point where the issue is. Things are extremely difficult when your drainage lines are located under a paved patio or driveway. On many occasions, the homeowners have to live in a different house while the work is in progress.

Lastly, once the work has been completed, your property is in a bad shape. So, while your pockets are already empty after the holiday shopping, you need to start saving some cash to fix the ugly driveway.

How Trenchless Makes It Much Easier

The overall advantage lies in using the modern technology when it comes to plumbing issues. First of all, modern plumbing professionals, like the ones from Bullseye Plumbing, use camera inspections to spot the issue. Not only does it make the job much easier, but it also helps them identify the issue very quickly. The best part is that there is nearly no chance of fraud here as you can see in real-time video what the issue is and where it is. Once the site of the issue has been spotted, it comes to fixing the issue using trenchless technology.

With the use of trenchless technology, plumbing professionals do not require any excavation and digging. All they need is a couple of holes that are much smaller in size than the huge and deep pit that is required in traditional plumbing repairs. One of the two holes is used for inserting a new pipe whereas the other one acts as an exit. All the repairing can be completed in much less time than what it takes with a traditional approach. And since there is no excessive excavation required like in the traditional method, your property remains in its beautiful shape even after the project has ended.

Final Words

If you want to avoid the hassle of plumbing repairs today and tomorrow, you are highly recommended to go with trenchless sewer repairs today. As for the durability and life, trenchless repairs can give you the peace of mind for many years to come.