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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Redwood City: The Most Common Methods


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Sewage line replacements and repairs can get really messy – a common reason why many worry about the implications of the process. Trenchless sewer repair offers a good alternative to residential and commercial property owners in Redwood City.

As the name suggests, trenchless repairs do not involve major digging and excavations. As a result, the damage caused to the landscape is going to be insignificant. Such a project is also much easier to complete than standard sewage line repairs.

All of this sounds good in theory but how exactly does the trenchless sewer repair process work? A few trenchless techniques exist, and the right method will be picked on the basis of the circumstances. Some of the most common options include pipe bursting, pipe coating and cured in place pipe lining (CIPP).

Pipe Bursting

One of the commonly used trenchless sewer repair methods in Redwood City is pipe bursting.

This technique involves the breaking and expanding of the pipe that is currently in place while it is being replaced with a new one. For the purpose, a piece of equipment known as a bursting head will have to be utilized.

The bursting head passes through the old pipe and fractures it from the inside. It simultaneously drags the new pipe in place, completing the two processes at the same time.

Pipe bursting is a really popular process, and in many circumstances, it will be the option of preference. Its biggest benefits include no loss of internal diameter, reduced risk of constricting the flow of water and a flawless execution regardless of the condition of the old pipe. Pipe bursting is inapplicable in very few situations like a completely collapsed pipe, for example.

Plumbing professionals can utilize this trenchless replacement method for any diameter of pipe. Some digging will still be required to get the pipe bursting equipment in position. Additionally, all laterals will have to be reconnected via excavation. Still, the method causes insignificant damage at the point of entry and exit. No trench digging will be required, regardless of the length of the pipe that will have to be burst and replaced.

Pipe bursting makes the most sense for brittle pipe varieties that can be expanded effortlessly. Still, it will work on most materials. The depth of pipes that can be replaced via this technology is up to 300 feet.

Put in simple terms; pipe bursting is the underground replacement of an entire pipe. Because of the nature of the trenchless technique, it tends to be a bit more expensive than other methods, and it makes the most sense for old pipes that are falling apart.


What is CIPP and How Does It Work for Trenchless Sewer Repairs?

Cured in place pipe lining is the second common trenchless methods that experienced professionals will rely on.

Also known as slip lining, this technique involves the use of a resin-saturated liner that enters into the existing pipe before being expanded and cured in place. The entry of the epoxy lining into the sewer lateral will more or less result in the formation of a new pipe inside the existing one.

Very often, the technique is chosen when an existing pipe has to be reinforced due to cracks or weak regions. The old pipe that remains in place adds a layer of protection that is missing in the case of pipe bursting. On the downside, the diameter of the original pipe is going to be reduced after the insertion of the epoxy lining.

CIPP is chosen to fix smaller problems. This technique is less expensive than pipe bursting. Thus, if the old pipe is not completely out of order, CIPP will make more sense budget-wise.

The success of this procedure is not dependent on ground and soil conditions. It works on any type of pipe like PVC, cast iron, and clay pipes. CIPP trenchless repairs are quick and efficient. The entire process necessitates a day or two of work. In addition, the epoxy lining is very long-lived. Depending on the specific material that the Redwood City plumbing company is working with, the property owner can benefit from 10-year quality insurance.

Pipe Coating Trenchless Repairs

CIPP is in a way similar to pipe coating. Resin is a good choice of material, but trenchless repair professionals may choose to opt for an alternative like fiberglass, for example.

A pipe can be coated and reinforced both internally and externally. Usually, a camera will be inserted in advance to run diagnostics and assess the condition of the original pipe. Depending on the condition and the age of the original pipe, the right coating option will be selected.

A system that slides through the pipe is used to spray the interior with a reinforcing material like polyuria, for example. Polyuria is a type of elastomer that consists of synthetic resin and isocyanate. It is lightweight and very tough, allowing for the effective reinforcement of the pipe.

Fiberglass sewer relining is also common. As durable as a new pipe, the material is an option of preference for cost-efficient, long-lived executions.

The benefits of pipe coating are numerous. For a start, the right reinforcement material can be chosen and applied. There is no risk of blocking laterals. Depending on the technology being utilized and the experience of the plumbing company, it can be applied both internally and externally to keep the diameter of the pipe unaffected.

Just like CIPP, pipe coating makes sense for sewage lines that are in more or less good condition, and that will benefit from some reinforcement. If the pipe cannot be replaced, pipe bursting is going to be the only viable option.

Benefits, Uses and How to Choose the Right Trenchless Repair Option

Understand that trenchless pipe rehabilitation is not about choosing one option or the other. The three techniques mentioned above are utilized to resolve different issues. Thus, the experience of the plumbing team and the equipment that they work with will be determining for the selection of a one trenchless repair approach or the other.

If a sewer pipe is partially collapsed, for example, getting the bursting equipment inside is going to be a challenge. In other instances, cleaning the pipe for the application of an epoxy coat inside could cause additional damage. If this is the case, the replacement of the old pipe with a new one via the use of bursting equipment is going to be the sole option that makes sense.

The diagnostic process run before the repairs begin is of utmost importance. The depth of the pipe, the extent of the damage, the material that it is made of and the soil condition will all have to be assessed. This is where the experience of the plumbing professional will play a role. An expert who has dealt with similar situations in the past and knows what to expect will give you a relevant recommendation that will make the most sense under the circumstances, and that will give you a long-lasting outcome.

Generally speaking, pipe bursting is more environment-friendly, and the results tend to be more long-lasting. On occasions, PIPP has led to the release of chemicals into the surrounding soil. The quality of the epoxy being used and the experience of the technician will determine if such side effects will be experienced.

On the other hand, the turnaround time for coating is shorter, and the disturbance of the landscape will be smaller than in the case of pipe bursting.

Keep in mind that relining can be very tricky to execute properly. If the project is not completed flawlessly, the diameter of the original pipe will be reduced significantly. As a result, wear and tear could occur fast and necessitate new repairs in the coming years.

Start the Process by Choosing the Right Redwood City Trenchless Sewer Repair Team

Trenchless repairs are ideal for all property types because there will be no mess and costly landscaping retouches upon the completion of the project.

To get the best possible outcome, however, you need to invest some time in selecting the right team. The plumbing company of preference should have enough experience with the trenchless renovation techniques. A reliable company should offer clients a personalized solution that is based on the specific circumstances and a thorough diagnostic process.

If you are experiencing sewerage line problems, please do not hesitate to contact Bullseye Plumbing. Our work is covered by a full guarantee, we offer some of the most competitive rates in Redwood City, and we have years of experience in the fields of both commercial and residential plumbing repairs.

The Bullseye Plumbing team also offer emergency services that are available 24/7. The sooner you identify a problem and deal with it, the less extensive the rehabilitation is going to be.

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